Secrets of Gloomrot Hotfix #5

Posted on May 26th, 2023 04:27 AM EST

Hello, Vampires of Vardoran!

Here comes another round of bug eradication! We're focusing on resolving the most reported bugs on our report board[], and many more. If you're eagerly waiting for a specific bug fix that's not included in this update, hold tight! Some fixes require more rigorous and extensive testing before they're rolled out, and we're steadily working through the rest.

Our hotfix, which will be live soon, includes the following modifications:

  • Fixed an issue where boss music could get stuck playing forever. Reported here[].
  • We've fixed the ability to multicast certain abilities (like M1/Q/E) through weapon swapping. Reported here[].
  • Unexpected despawning of Prisoners has been rectified. Reported here[].
  • We've resolved the problem where units spawned in tombs would teleport to the floor below. Reported here[].
  • An issue preventing interaction with dead servants in the coffin menu has been fixed. Reported here[].

For those who want to help us translate the game you can contribute here![]

IMPORTANT NOTE! Please report any issues you encounter after this patch here[]. We're actively updating our known issues list with temporary fixes here[].

ADDITIONAL REMINDER! Regularly backup your server saves!
Here's how to do it[].

See you in the dark corners of Vardoran, fellow Vampires!

//The V Rising Development Team
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