Secrets of Gloomrot Hotfix #4

Posted on May 25th, 2023 04:08 AM EST

Hey there, Vampires!

More fixes coming in for highly reported bugs on our report board[], and more! We’re continuing our onslaught of bug slaying, so if you don’t see a fix here for something you’ve been waiting for fear not! Some things we’re fixing require further and more in-depth testing before we release them, and others we’re getting around to as we can.

The hotfix will be going live shortly with the following changes:

  • Fixed issue where inventory actions would get more and more “laggy” over time and rubberbanding would occur after inventory actions. Reported here.[]
  • Fixes for both client and server crashes during startup. This means that you should no longer need to remove the lib_burst_generated.dll. Please report any future crashes during startup on our report board! Reported here.[]
  • You can no longer move growing plots while they have something growing on them. Reported here.[]
  • Client performance has been significantly improved in big castles.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the loading screen if certain codecs were not installed. Now video errors are correctly handled and the video is skipped if it fails to playback.
  • Items now fall to the ground when the floor tile they rest on is removed.
  • Fixed an issue where players could jump through walls using stairs.
  • Fixed an issue where materials would not update correctly when a castle’s defenses were disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where some servers would not show up in the server list.
  • Fixed an issue where bosses would spawn their minions improperly.
  • Fixed many issues that would cause instability.
  • Made the chat window smaller so you can see what you are doing again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused AI units to get stuck in a teleport loop.
  • Fixed servant-related settings of Duo PvP Daily Siege to match the originally advertised settings.
  • Fixed several spots in the world where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed an infinite resource exploit with Shattered Weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Privacy Policy screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if you dismantled a workstation while it was processing/crafting (and had nothing in its inventory) the items used to craft would be lost.
  • Removed a bunch of logs that filled up the log files.
  • Extra durations from Jewels now refresh correctly. This prevents stacking buff duration to last longer than the intended time. Reported here.[]
  • Localization for most languages has been updated, although not fully translated it should be at a higher percentage now.
  • Languages that have a low percentage of translation have been removed until the translated percentage is higher. Affected languages: Arabic, Danish, Spanish - Latin America, Thai, Ukrainian
  • For those who want to help us translate the game you can contribute here![]

REMINDER! You can report any issues after the patch here.[] Know issues are still being updated with known temporary fixes here.[]

ADDITIONAL REMINDER! Make sure to make backups of your server saves regularly!
How to backup saves.[]

See you in Vardoran, Vampires!

//The V Rising Development Team
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