Patch 0.5.43163 | Patch Notes | Hotfix 11

Posted on August 25th, 2022 02:23 AM EST

We will be patching V Rising today at 08:00 UTC / 10:00 CEST. The patching process is expected to last up to an hour.

The following improvements will be added to V Rising with this patch:

  • Castle Heart can now be moved over and replace an existing floor without the need to dismantle the floor first.
  • Fixed an exploit with building outside of your territory.
  • Fixed various issues allowing players to build inside cliff regions.
  • Fixed an issue where equipable items could end up in a broken state.
  • Minor improvement in the priority of error messages when building your castle.
  • Players may no longer dismantle Explosive Boxes. This fixes an exploit where players could dismantle explosive boxes while they were lit, returning the box to the inventory while still triggering the explosion.
If you experience problems after this patch, please let us know here[]. Please use the patch number in the title so that we can identify it.

ADDITIONAL REMINDER! Make sure to make backups of your server saves regularly!

See you in Vardoran, Vampires!

//The V Rising Development Team.
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